Our Mission and Strategy

WePeri Foundation
fresh educational options
so that people with initiative and talent
can fulfill their maximum potential;
Provide access
to the latest technologies
so that young people can bring their
ideas to life as actual projects;
socially oriented entrepreneurship;
Encourage and support
new approaches in education
that employ cutting edge technologies
information and education;
Keep the cultural heritage alive
through use of the latest technologies so that
it will remain relevant into the futureas a cultural
identity and an enrichment of the cultural
and scholarly inheritance of all humanity.

Guiding Principles for Selecting Strategic Programmes:

Compatibility of the programme
with the Foundation’s mission
Social significance
of the programme
Practicality of the programme
(likelihood of obtaining
the intended results)
Conformity of the programme’s
methods and approaches with
the best international practices
Sustainability of results
Scalability of results

Categories of Programmes and Projects:

Creating centres for change – physical spaces that give young people access to innovative education
Designing and supporting innovative educational programmes and projects that are innovative in both presentation and content
Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives by young people in the fields of technology and social welfare (social entrepreneurship)
Designing cultural projects that bring the historical heritage to life using advanced modern technology and providing an environment in which they will thrive
Developing new creative technologies
Small grants programme