Peri Innovation Challenge в Дербенте. Репортаж 1 канала.

2 ИЮНЯ 2017

Проектный семинар "Музей и сообщества. Культурные проекты как мотор развития города"

2 ФЕВРАЛЯ 2017

Итоговая презентация проектов Международного воркшопа "Пространство образования будущего"

24 ЯНВАРЯ 2017

DevDays Hackathon at PERI Innovation

15 November 2016

Autumn School for Researchers in Derbent

25 October 2016

Digital renderings of the frescos by Dionysius in the Ferapontov monastery will be uploaded to UNESCO’s website

21 October 2016

Opening of the school in the village of Tsmur

27 September 2016

News report about the mobile robotics laboratory at the Sunny Shores children’s camp

12 July 2016

Peter the Great Museum

27 June 2016

Memorial Candle ceremony held at the Museum of Military Honour and the Peter the Great Museum

25 June 2016

Easy Cooking — an appetizing startup

5 May 2016

The Football Stars and Russian Children benefit match and master class

26 March 2016

Rasul’s story

7 February 2016

Hackathon at PERI Innovation

5 February 2016

What is PERI Innovation?

20 October 2015

Video clip about the Ziyavudin Magomedov PERI Foundation’s work

28 September 2015

Opening of the Peter the Great Museum in Derbent

21 September 2015

Derbent celebrates 2,000 years of history and multiculturalism

1 September 2015

Lezghinka dancers perform in a flash mob at the Naryn-Kala fortress on the opening day of the Peter the Great Museum in Derbent

23 July 2015