Centre for Gifted Young People

Launched September 2015

Centre for Gifted Young People

The Centre for Gifted Young People is a programme carried out in partnership with the Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education and the Yashchenko Centre for Pedagogical Excellence.  Its pilot projects were launched in the Republic of Dagestan in 2015, and its best practices will be applied in other regions throughout the Russian Federation.

Its principal goal is to assist gifted schoolchildren from the 8th through 11th classes by providing them with the most beneficial educational conditions.  Mathematics, information technology, and robotics are its areas of emphasis.

The capacities of both students and teachers are strengthened through these activities:

  • Constructing a system for identifying and assisting gifted young people by offering individually tailored additional education, extra-curricular group projects, and special competitions;
  • Conducting olympiads and arranging trips for students to educational events both within and outside Dagestan;
  • Providing ways, both online and off line, for teachers of gifted students to add to their qualifications;
  • Launching a travelling robotics laboratory in Makhachkala;
  • Conducting conferences, seminars, exhibitions, round tables and other educational activities.

Cooperating with organizations that have the most experience in offering continuing education in mathematics and related fields has enabled the programme to:

  • Open a centre for extra-curricular activities that contribute to the study of mathematics, information technology, and robotics;
  • Conduct 5 olympiads and competitions aimed at identifying talented young people;
  • Place the 16 top-scoring Dagestani schoolchildren in the Sirius Centre educational programme in Sochi.