PERImeter Educational and Cultural Centre

Launched September 2015

PERImeter Educational and Cultural Centre

The PERI Foundation is readying construction of the PERImeter Centre, a building which will accommodate the Foundation’s existing and future programmes.

PERImeter brings together the resources and technology that young people in Dagestan and the North Caucasus need to make their projects become realities.

The PERImeter Centre will accommodate these programmes:

  • PERI Innovation business incubator, facilitating startup businesses and offering free courses (in programming, presentations of successful IT projects by entrepreneurs from various regions of the Russian Federation, seminars, and workshops);
  • School for Social Projects , supporting socially significant initiatives;
  • Centre for Gifted Young People, working with talented schoolchildren and teachers;
  • Travelling Robotics Laboratory, offering lessons in robotics to schools all across the Republic of Dagestan;
  • Centre for Creative Technologies, enhancing the creativity of children and teenagers and training them in new media technologies.

Because the PERI Foundation’s main goal is to support talented young people, the decision was taken to entrust the architectural concept for the new building to young architects under the age of 30.  For that purpose, in February 2016 an international workshop called The Educational Space of the Future was held in Makhachkala.  The MARCH Moscow Architectural School partnered with the PERI Foundation to conduct this very special competition.  From more than 100 applications for the competition the workshop selected 25 people from 10 countries (the USA, the UK, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Russia).

The winning concept, PIC—PERI Innovation Centre, was selected from among 8 competing entries by an international panel consisting of globally renowned architects, leading specialists in modern education, and well-known artists.  The creators of the concept were Anna Petrova (Russia), Patricia Urlan (Romania), and Jeffrey Stevens (USA) tutored by Hiroki Matsuura of the MASA architectural firm (the Netherlands).

The PERImeter Educational and Cultural Centre is scheduled to open in September 2017.  The preparation of the designs and specifications is now in its final stage, and construction will begin shortly.

The PERImeter Educational and Cultural Centre building will become a focal point for innovations, not only for Makhachkala but for the entire region.

A satellite branch of the PERImeter Educational and Cultural Centre incorporating the Khunzakh fortress (in the town of Arani, Khunzakh region) will eventually be created and become the largest complex in the North Caucasus for the extracurricular education of gifted children.  It will include facilities for boarding students.