Museum of Peter the Great in Derbent

Museum of Peter the Great in Derbent

PERI charity foundation and Summa Group have started works on the museum of Peter the Great in preparation for the 2,000 year anniversary of the city of Derbent.

The restored pavilion colonnade, erected in the beginning of the 19th century over a dugout in which Peter I stopped during his Persian campaign, will be the center of the museum.  According to historical evidences there were two cannons in front of the pavilion, which was constantly guarded by sentries.  Over the entrance to the pavilion the following inscription was attached:  "Place of recreation of the Emperor Peter the Great".

In Soviet times the structure was lost and found only today.  It was discovered that the pavilion colonnade was transformed into a house, which was inhabited by local residents for about 80 years.

Now the restoration of the pavilion colonnade is beginning, upcoming archaeological works will provide us the exact idea of the Peter's dugout and what other historical artifacts may be there.

A monument to Peter the Great, a fountain, and a building with an exhibition of period objects will complete the museum. Development of the exhibition concept of the future museum complex and collection compilation is supported by the PERI fund.

The total amount of investments is expected to be, according to preliminary estimates, about 100 million rubles. The area of the museum will be over 1,500 square meters.