The Educational Space of the Future workshop

The Educational Space of the Future workshop

Education today is undergoing rapid change and evolving in response to the demands placed on it by society and technological development.  The stereotypical picture of a teacher at a lectern and students in the audience is no longer applicable.  New educational technology requires fresh approaches to arranging space, and modern architecture must take this requirement into account.

The principal goal of the workshop that will took place in Makhachkala from February 1st to 10th was to uncover new solutions in architecture and spatial design for a modern educational and cultural centre.

Students and young architects under the guidance of tutors from Russia and Europe elaborated architectural concepts for the PERImeter Educational and Cultural Centre planned by the Ziyavudin Magomedov PERI Foundation.  PERImeter will incorporate a centre for creative technologies, a school for socially beneficial projects, and a laboratory for robotics.  In addition, the Centre for Gifted Young People—a joint project of the PERI Foundation and the Centre for Pedagogical Excellence headed by Ivan Yashchenko—will be launched at PERImeter.  The PERImeter building will also be home to the PERI Innovation business incubator that is currently operating on the campus of the Dagestan State Technical University.

The new building needs to be more than just a convenient and functional environment for the activities of the Centre.  It should also be a place which attracts creative young people and encourages their interaction.  The building should be a landmark structure that will become a symbol of the city and serve as a catalyst for change.

  1. Tasks for the workshop

To provide a range of proposals for the architectural concept of the PERImeter Centre building in Makhachkala.  From six to eight different versions should be produced.  The project is to be carried out by young architects and students under the guidance of instructors from Russia and Europe.

The range of concepts produced by the workshop will form the basis for actual construction of the Centre.

  1. Timeframe for the workshop: 1 to 10 February 2016

Place:  Makhachkala.

  1. Workshop participants


Hiroki Matsuura of the MASA architectural firm, the Netherlands (since 2015 the MAXWAN Architects + Urbanists)

Magdalena Haggärde of 70°N Arkitektur, Norway

Anton Nadtochiy of Atrium Studio, Russia

Yaroslav Kovalchuk of the MARCH Architectural School, Russia

  1. Participants

Russian and foreign students from architectural schools and young architects under 30 years of age.  A total of 25 participants are to be selected via a competition based on their applications.  .

  1. Results of the workshop

The workshop will present 6 to 8 architectural concepts for the PERImeter Centre building to be judged by a panel of internationally prominent architects and experts.

The materials from the workshop will be published on architecture websites and will also be displayed and published in print media.

  1. Requirements for participants

Participants must submit an application by 15 December 2015.

The applications must be in English.

The workshop is to be conducted in English (a minimum of intermediate English proficiency is required)

  1. Content of applications

CV (single A4 page in .pdf format)

Motivational letter (no more than 1,000 characters on a single A4 page in .pdf format)

Portfolio (an album of no more than five projects in .pdf format)

Applications are to be submitted to as attachments to a letter or links to Google Drive.

Airfare, food and lodging will be paid for by the organizers.

  1. Organizer contact:

Telephone: +7(926)289 54 61